Product Description:  Salamander Water (rooting kit) is designed to help plant clippings root as much as 200% faster* than tap or filtered water. Salamander Water is the waste water from Axolotl Salamanders which has higher levels of Nitrates (about 20-50ppm more) than tap water. Nitrates, when absorbed by plants, give the plants a supply of Nitrogen which is crucial for root development. In our lab we have successfully rooted 20 species of plants including monstera, tetrasperma, pothos, basil, chives, philodendron, sansevieria, begonia, spider plants, and many more

Not for Human Consumption


1.Uncork Salamander Water Container

2. Insert Plant Clipping(s)

3. Place in an appropriate space

4. Wait until roots form

5. Transfer well started plants to soil

6. Still have water? Start the process again at step 2
or add 5-10ml to every 1 gallon of water to give your potted plants some beneficial food. 

Production Process:

Statement: Salamander Water was inspired by Piero Manzoni’s 1961 artwork Artist’s Shit. Manzoni sold 90 editioned tins each with 30 grams of his own faeces. While Manzoni says his work was a way to examine the relationship between artistic production and human bodily production it is often mentioned in relation to commodity fetishism. Considering this, the Anti-Extinction Company decided to create an art project not about editioned art object collecting but instead about practical use and sustainable production practices. Salamander Water tells a story of human care by using ordinarily flushed away axolotl wastewater and repurposing glass bottles (difficult to traditionally recycle in Pittsburgh, PA) to help plants grow while speaking to the entangled relationship between humans, amphibians and plants currently on a capitalized planet.

*Based on internal testing.