The Anti-Extinction Company is a non-human owned company that provides goods and services for non-humans and the humans that care for them. Fostering biodiverse entanglement in a post-natural world. The company exists to combat extinction, create a biodiverse workforce, and promote non-human agency. We do this by providing goods and services that are products of entangled care, education, propagation, bioremediation, and recycling.

As a non-human owned company, we believe that we can offer a unique perspective and approach to business that is not influenced solely by profit. We prioritize the well-being of all species and the environment over financial gain, and this allows us to create products and services that are truly sustainable and beneficial for all. By operating in this way, we hope to set an example for other companies and inspire a new way of doing business that prioritizes the health and prosperity of our planet and all of its inhabitants.